How to get to Tohoku University?

Sendai is located approximately 300km (190miles) North of Tokyo on the Pacific coast of Honshu island. It takes about 1 hour and 40 minutes to reach Sendai from Tokyo on the Tohoku Bullet Train (Tohoku Shinkansen). Sendai also has regular Flights to and from major domestic and International cities.

1) How to get to Sendai station?

First, you need to get to Sendai station. If you plan to come to Sendai by bullet train from Tokyo, please follow the steps listed in section 1-1). In case you plan to take a connecting flight to Sendai airport, please follow the steps in section 1-2).

1-1) Narita airport to Sendai station

Step 1) The first step is to get a train to Tokyo station. Public transportation is very convenient. Our recommendation is to take Narita Express (N'EX). It runs every 30 minutes and takes less than 1 hour to get to Tokyo station, regardless of traffic. You can find detailed information on the JR east webpage. Railway stations in Narita airport are located on the B1F level in Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. It is very easy to find. If you want to have more information about Narita airport, please visit to this page. At Narita station, you can purchase your tickets from Narita to Sendai at the Green Ticket Offices. You should receive one ticket from Narita to Tokyo by N'EX, and one from Tokyo to Sendai by Shinkansen, which will cost about 13,300 Yen. In order to get the fastest trains available, you can request the Hayate or Hayabusa trains when you make your purchase.

Step 2) Be mindful, as you may encounter difficulty during the transit to bullet train at the Tokyo Station. The train arrives at platform #4 in B4 floor, and you need to go to platform #20-#23 in the ground level. It takes more than 10 minutes. The simplest advice to remember is to follow the Green signs to the Shinkansen Entrance; if you feel you are getting lost, simply show your tickets to any of the station staff nearby. You can download a very good map of Tokyo station at from here. You can find the platform #4 at the bottom of the map (arrival), and the platform #20-#23 at the upper right of the map. Time table from Tokyo to Sendai is here.

Step 3) After you board the Shinkansen, you can relax, but don't forget to get off the train at Sendai station, since it will not be the end of the line. The Sendai station stop will be announced in English a minute or so before arriving. It takes about 95min by the fastest trains. If the color of your train is green, you got lucky, because that means your train is brand-new (all Hayabusa and some Hayate). Shinansen trains arrive at 4th floor in Sendai sataion.

1-2) About Sendai airport to Sendai station

Flights between Narita airport and Sendai airport are not very frequent. But, if you have a connecting flight ticket to Sendai airport, it is very easy to get to Sendai station. There is a Sendai Airport Transit Train which stops at a station inside the airport. The arrival gate is located at the ground floor, and the station in the airport is located at the second floor. Just follow the sign to the station. It costs 630 Yen from the airport to the Sendai station (the final destination of the train). Detailed information about the train is here.

2) How to get to Tohoku University from Sendai station?

You will have two choices, one is taxi, and the other is public bus.

2-1) Taxi: After passing the Shinkansen ticket gate, you will need to go to the taxi terminal on the ground floor. On July 16th, we will have the robotics lab tour in the morning (Kikaikei buildings A01, A03, A15) and keynote presentations in the afternoon (building C01). In case you attend to the robotics lab tour, please inform to taxi driver to go to "Kikai-kei, Aobayama campus of Tohoku University", or just show the print out of this PDF file. If you miss the morning tour, you should go to the building C01 directly. In this case, please inform to taxi driver to go to "Center Hall, Aobayama campus of Tohoku University", or just show the print out of this PDF file.

2-2) Bus: After passing the Shinkansen ticket gate, you need to go out one of the west exit from the station building on the 2nd floor (the pedestrian deck one floor down from the Shinkansen platforms). You will find two sets of stairs which lead down to two sets of bus terminals; take the right one towards bus stop 9 and get on bus 710, 713, 715, or 719. Click here to obtain the terminal location and bus stops. For guidance, please check "How to ride and use city bus". When a female voice in English announces the "Faculty of Engineering", get off and find your destination. In case that you attend to the robotics lab tour, please go to "Kikai-kei" using this PDF file. If you miss the morning tour, you should go to the building C01 based on this PDF file.

For more information about the campus, you can download an Aobayama campus map, Kikai-kei campus map (lab tours in A01, A03, A15), and Center square (plenary sessions in C01). You can also brouse campus maps interactively.

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