Jun 6 Article by Hideaki SENA (science fiction writer) (Tohoku Univ. Mechanical Enginering series No. 26) In Japanese
Jun 1 Kahoku Shimpo (morning paper, pages 14 and 15) In Japanese
May 19 Hogashi Nippon Broadcasting (KHB)
A New Century for Tohoku University
May 16 Robot Watch In Japanaese
May 16 Kahoku Shimpo (morning paper, page 27) In Japanaese
May 15 Kyodo News In Japanaese
May 15 NHK Sendai etc. (TV news) In Japanaese
May 14 Kahoku Shimpo (morning paper, page 25) In Japanaese
May 9 Kahoku Shimpo (morning paper, front page) In Japanaese
Feb 26 EETimes MRAMs headed for orbit
Feb Freescale Semidonductor MRAM Rockets into Space
Feb 8 Angstrom Aerospace Corporation Angstrom Aerospace's TAMU MEMS instrument has been integrated on SpriteSat
Feb 17 Yomiuri shimbun (morning paper, Sendai division) In Japanese
Jan 14 Asahi shimbun (morning paper, page 21) In Japanese
Aug 6 Robot Watch In Japanese
Jul 23
Jun 20 Kahoku Shimpo In Japanese
May 18 Livedoor News In Japanese
May 18 CNET Japan In Japanese
May 17 AstroArts In Japanese
May 17 Kahoku Shimpo (morning paper) In Japanese
May 16 JAXA Press Release In Japanese
Feb 1 University News Registration in JAXA Dual Launch Program Candidate List
Jan 1 Kahaku Shimpo (morning paper, front page) In Japanese


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"A New Century for Tohoku University"
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Higashi Nippon Broadcasting (KHB)
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