at Tohoku University

Tohoku University is internationally recognized for excellent research on Robotics. We have a large number of robotics laboratories working on a wide range of cutting-edge applications of robotics for the benefit of humanity. We are at the forefront of extreme robotics challenge from nano-scale to interplanetary-scale. In the TESP summer program, you will find the essence of advanced robotics at Tohoku University.


July 29-August 9, 2019

The Graduate School of Engineering offers a two-week summer program under the theme of "Robotics." We will provide a series of graduate level lectures on advanced robotics and hands-on activities in laboratory. All will be taught in English by our experienced professors from the Graduate School of Engineering, Graduate School of Information Sciences, and Graduate School of Biomedical Engineering.
In addition, the program includes cultural activities and a field trip (optional) that expose participants to Japanese culture and beautiful historical sites around east-north area of Japan. Students studying in the field of engineering at Tohoku University will support the program with these activities.
We welcome young professionals from our partner universities around the world to take this opportunity to experience an inspiring and challenging summer here in Sendai, Japan.

Introduction Video

TESP movie

Program Structure

The program offers two-week intensive activities that are characterized by four components: core lectures, hands-on activities in laboratory, cultural activities, and a field trip (optional).

  • Core Lectures

    A series of core lectures are given by our renowned professors on the following topics:
    - Field and Space Robotics
    - Rescue Robotics
    - Human-Robot Interaction
    - Robot Vision
    - Medical Robotics
    - Molecular-size Robotics
    - Neuro Robotics
    - Biologically Inspired Robotics

  • Laboratory Hands-On

    The participants have an opportunity of laboratory hands-on to implement and examine the ideas that are taught in the lectures. Pick-up one laboratory from the suggested options. The activities are conducted by groups.
    Presentation session to report the results of the hands-on activities is scheduled on the final day of the program.

  • Cultural Experience

    Special programs for experience of Japanese culture are also offered, such as Kimono Dressing and Tea Ceremony. Annual star festival, called Tanabata, will be held from August 6 to 8 in Sendai city. The evening of August 5 will be celebrated with fireworks. A field trip to visit local historical/touristic places is also organized for your option.

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Application Procedure

To apply for this program, you need to be nominated by their home institution and submit all the documents through their home institutions. Please contact the relevant office of your school.
Admission of students is determined solely by the discretion of Tohoku University. Prospective students need to submit the following documents.

1. Application Form (with photo 4cm x 3cm)
2. Academic transcript at home university
3. Personal Statement (300-500 words)
4. Copy of your passport identification page (a page with your photo and name)


Applicants must be nominated by home institutions. Program requires students to be fluent in English. Background knowledge and laboratory experience on Robotics or Control Engineering are expected.

  • Number of Seats : 50 students
  • Location : Aobayama Campus, Tohoku University, Sendai, JAPAN
  • Application Deadline : April 26, 2019
  • Program Fee : 15,000 JPY (for registration)

Except the above registration fee, program fees including tuition, activities and accommodation are free of charge. Participants are expected to pay for own travel and subsistence expenses, including local transportation in Japan.


Tohoku University Engineering Summer Program does not provide any insurance for students. There is no Japanese insurance or medical fee support for your short stay in Japan during the program. You are required to have your own travel insurance before leaving your home country. Please bring a copy of the insurance application form and the insurance policy with you through the period of your stay in Japan.

Application Guide

Please see the following application guide and daily schedule for the details to apply.
Application guide 2019: TESP2019_Application_Guide.pdf

Program Handbook

The 2018 Program Handbook (lecture timetable and syllabus) Note: This is Last Year's information for your reference.