Last Updated : July 20th, 2006.
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The Spacedyn : a MATLAB Toolbox for Space and Mobile Robots
--- Version 1, Release 2 ---
July 20, 2006

The Spacedyn is a MATLAB Toolbox for the kinematic and dynamic analysis and simulation of articulated multi-body systems with a moving base. Examples of such systems are a satellite with mechanical appendages, a free-flying space robot, a wheeled mobile robot, and a walking robot, all of which makes motions in the environment with or without gravity.

This toolbox can handle open chain systems with topological tree configuration. A parallel manipulator, for example, then cannot be supported directly. A walking robot contacting on the ground with more than two legs or limbs at a time seems to form a closed chain including the ground, however, we can handle such a system with a proper model of ground contact at each contact point. Parallel manipulators can be treated with virtual cut of a kinematic chain and a corresponding virtual force model.

Some academic papers regarding this toolbox is published by Kazuya Yoshida and his co-author(s). For the technical points of this software, please consult these papers as well as the following chapters of the document.

We hope that you could find this toolbox useful.

SpaceDynX, a Good News for Non-MATLAB Users!

Please download from here.
spacedyn-v1r2.tar (102k) The SpaceDyn source package (Version 1 Release 2)
doc.pdf (3200k) Document
func_v1r2.txt (2k) A list of the SpaceDyn functions
sample_v1r2.m (3k) Demo Program
sdx.tar (82k) The SpaceDynX package
sdx.tgz (12k) The SpaceDynX package (compressed)
sdx-rm.txt (3.8k) A README file for the SpaceDynX
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Demo 1 Three axis satellite with a flexible solar paddle
Demo 2 Application to ETS-VII, a free-flying space robot
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