Path following

Path following control with slip compensation

Wheels of a rover easily slip even when the rover travels with relatively low velocity on loose soil. Because of these slips, following an arbitrary path on loose soil becomes a difficult task.

To cope with the slip issue, we have proposed path following control strategy taking wheel slippages into account. Based on the proposed control, the rover can travel with appropriate steering and driving maneuvers not only to follow an arbitrary path, but also simultaneously compensate for the slip motion.

The proposed control approach has been verified through both dynamics simulations and slope traversing experiments on simulated lunar surface soil.

(The following figures are clickable.)

Path following simulation without slip compensation (3.8MB)

Path following simulation with slip compensation (3.8MB)

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[9] "Path Following Control with Slip Compensation on Loose Soil for Exploration Rover"
2006 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS 2006), Beijing, Chaina, October 2006
G.Ishigami, K.Nagatani and K.Yoshida

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