Analysis on Rover Performances

Analysis on dynamics characteristics of
lunar/planetary exploration rover

This research addresses the analysis on the performance of the rover such as slope-climbing/traversing capabilities and steering characteristics by using the test fields covered with simulated lunar surface soil (see below figures). These characteristics are evaluated based on the terramechanics-based wheel model

Further, the dynamics simulator for the rover has been developed to analyze/estimate dynamic behaviors of a rover on challenging terrain. In this simulation, contact forces on each wheel of the rover is sufficiently addressed by using wheel-soil interaction model.

(The following figures are clickable.)

Slope-climbing test (slope angle=21 [deg]) (22.4MB)

Slope-traversing test (slope angle=20 [deg]) (7.7MB)

Dynamics Simulation 1 (Steering)
[ Red = experiment, Blue=Simulation ]

Dynamics Simulation 2 (Traversing)
[ Red = experiment, Blue=Simulation ]
(slope angle=10 [deg]) (2.9MB)

Comparison between experiment and simulation

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